If They Didn't Care in Easton, How Could They Care in Klamath Falls?

by East Cackalacky Ascetic Marching Death Band

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We love you so much we won't let you download these demos until we have better equipment to record the fancy polished versions. But please enjoy a sample of what's to come.


released December 1, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mashed Potatoes, Beercans, Biplanes
I flew a biplane made of beercans into a mountain of…mashed potatoes
I was stranded by the buttery river of Idaho….
No provisions but a bubble gum parachute
Gasping for oxygen In A Helium Al-tit-tude

Later I met the villagers, they were very frightening
They fed me cinnamon brown sugar and told me to make a living
So I fell into a pyramid scheme, selling Mary Kay products to the Avon lady
(I was desperate, maybe a bit hasty)

On the way to moon…
Of one beautiful face
I Dreamed about you
and my sweet escape…

I called my baby with a tin can and a string at the end
She said that she was lonelier than a zoo penguin
A marching band of musical saws were on a parade
I dashed into the nearest bar for a glass of… lemonade

Culinary kamikazes were singing karaoke (to 4:33)
Those crazy japs weren’t caring if they sang on key (Whistle downnnn)
The audience clapped with only one hand clappppp
Yes this was a… completely different land

So I commandeered a speed boat named “The Other Wife”
And murdered the gingerbread captain with a butter knife
Finally, I made it to my destination
Yes, home at lasssssst the land of masturbation
Track Name: You Can Finally Afford to Be Happy
These lyrics are inspired by our experiences in Easton, Pennsylvania and Klamath Falls, Oregon. We are the "neighbors", and when we used to be younger, yes, we were the Thumbhole Hoodie Gang. look out.